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117th Day – Confusion!

January 12, 2010

Confusion is setting in. What am I trying to accomplish? At first I was just trying to adjust to leaving California for the Midwest. I cried my eyes out as I drove away leaving the mountains behind. To adjust, I started concentrating on my huge files of digital photos taken (mostly) in California over the last 10 or so years.
I decided to launch this blog to chronicle my creative processes, my longing for California, and my adaptation to the Midwest. So, I have been busily working on various photos in Photoshop; striving to create more than a straight photo….something more akin to seeing and capturing with my emotional “eye”. The end result is a visual representation of how I felt about the particular place I was photographing.
Then I got involved in the idea of marketing my photographs. I felt they would have a resonance with people. I entered the first 140 Hours Twitter art auction and sold a photo! I became jazzed and started focusing on selling more. I started making slight changes to my work to make the pieces more marketable. BAD IDEA! I even started painting, feeling some resistance to photography’s lack of seeing the “hand of the artist” in the works. I still was working on my computer to create these paintings but then (after printing and mounting) applied acrylic paint to augment the image adding texture so that each piece was truly one of a kind. But now I am left feeling rather distracted and scattered. What should I concentrate on????

I have to sit back and collect my thoughts and create works that speak to me and not worry about what will sell!


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