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116th Day – Painting Hanging in Studio

January 11, 2010

Well, I hung my painting (Live Oak Dream) today on one of my studio walls; looks good. Wish it would have sold, though, in the 140 Hours art auction that just ended last night.
The auction was deemed a success by the organizer, Gary Brant: “I am very pleased to report that our first auction of event of 2010 was a smashing success! We sold 9 artworks, including two by brand-new artist members, for a grand total of $2,772.00, a whopping 20% increase from Season Four’s sales of $2,325.00! Other encouraging news, one of our solid collectors returned in this event and purchased FOUR WORKS! That’s incredible, it means that we are building a base of not only returning customers, but ones who are wholly supporting our auctions and you, our artists!
Another brand-new customer walked away with THREE WORKS! Again, fantastic development for the future, and that party wrote to me last night and said how thrilled he was and that he couldn’t wait for our next auction!”

Yes, there will be another auction later this month… stay tuned for details.

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