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Day 110 – Is Photography Dead?

January 5, 2010

I’ve been following various Twitter and Facebook threads about use of the specification “emerging” photographer in relationship to various competition entries and was blown away by New York art critic, Jerry Saltz’s response: “I do not think that the word “emerging” is the problem; it merely denotes a phase of one’s exhibiting career. I think that the lurking problematic term is, ah, “photographer!” Photography is clearly going through simultaneous death-throes, transformation, rebirth, and other out-of-medium experinces.That is what you should be thinking about. That’s where the real THRILL will be.”

Now that is a REAL subject to mull over. Through these various chats, I found Ofer Wolberger and recommend following his blog, “Horses Think, Don’t They”…. link below…

I keep feeling the there is more to photography than meets the eye and I have been playing around with after effects to try and create something that feels right for me; this is a work in process.

More later,

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